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Using the Workspace

Unfortunately this feature is not currently available. We are working towards its restoration in the future.

Click on the image for a video guide. A text version of the same material, with linked screenshots, can be read below.

Screenshot of registration form

Creating a Workspace

You need to have a User Account to access these features. If you already have a London Lives user account you don't need to sign up again - you can login with the same account name and password.

If you don't have a London Lives account just fill in the registration form to sign up for an account.

Adding Items to Your Workspace

Screenshot of Add to Workspace link

All documents (trials, Ordinary's Accounts, advertisements, etc) with a unique reference number can be saved to your Workspace, as can search results. Any document that can be added to the Workspace will have a section labelled Actions in the yellow header box at the top of the page.

Saving individual documents to your Workspace

Once you are logged into your account and viewing document pages you will be able to see an Add to workspace link in the Actions section at the top of the page. Simply click on the link to add that document to your Workspace.

If you've already saved that document to your Workspace the link will be replaced by the message "This item is in your workspace".

Screenshot of Add to Workspace link

Saving search results to your Workspace

To save search queries to your Workspace for future reference, simply click on the Add this search to your Workspace link in the yellow header box at the top of the search results list.

You can also save individual items in the search results list to the Workspace. For each item you want to add to the Workspace, tick the box to the left hand side of the search result, and then select the add to workspace button at the bottom of the page.

If you want to remove saved items, navigate to the Workspace and tick the box to the left hand side of each item you want to remove. Then press the Remove button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of workspace

Using the Workspace


When you save items to the Workspace they are put into a general file or space which can soon become chaotic. You can easily organise the items in your Workspace by putting them into folders.

To put items into a new folder:

  • tick the box to the left hand side of each item you want to add to the folder
  • type a name for your folder in the box next to Move selected items to a new folder near the bottom of the page
    • folder names must be 4-24 characters long, and contain no spaces or symbol characters
  • click on the add to new folder button next to the box

To put items into an existing folder:

Screenshot of workspace

  • tick the box to the left hand side of each item you want to add to the folder
  • select the folder you want to add them to from the dropdown list next to Move selected items to an existing folder
  • click on the move to folder button next to the dropdown list

Similarly, you can remove items from your workspace by ticking the item(s) you want to discard and selecting the remove from workspace button.

Once you navigate to your folders, you have similar options to remove items from the folder, remove them from the workspace, or move them to a new folder.


You can also add comments to the items in your workspace/folders, and to the folders themselves, by using the add comments links. You can edit existing comments.

Exporting Items from Your Workspace

The Export function enables you to transfer items in your Workspace to external software for further analysis or to share with colleagues or students. The information exported is as follows:

  • for trials and similar documents:
    • reference number
    • title of the page (for trials this will include the defendant name(s), offence and sessions date)
  • for searches: the precise terms of the search query
  • any comments you have associated with the item (folder-level comments will not be exported)

If you need more sophisticated export functions, see our guide to using Zotero.

Screenshot of Firefox dialog

To export items, first click on the Export link at the bottom of the workspace page. You will then be prompted by your browser to Save or Open the file. The precise nature of the prompt will vary depending on your browser and its settings; we recommend using Save.

This will normally save the file with an .xml extension. Don't worry if you don't know what that means! You have a number of options for working with the saved file. You can:

  • Open the file in Microsoft Excel or Word. (Ignore any warning that the file content is not the same as the file extension.) You can then use Save As to create a new worksheet or document, or copy and paste it into another document.
  • Open it in Open Office, in which case it will open in Writer and you can copy and paste the table from there into a Calc spreadsheet.
  • Import it into Microsoft Access (you may need to rename the file extension to .html or .txt for this to work correctly).
  • Open it in a text editor, copy the entire contents and paste into a MS Excel worksheet.
  • Display it as an HTML formatted table in a webpage, by opening it in a text editor and simply copying the contents and pasting them into an HTML file.