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What's New (February 2018)

Changes to the Old Bailey Proceedings Online in February 2018 (Version 8.0)

For changes implemented in previous updates, consult the What's New Archive.

Links to Digital Panopticon Life Archives

Links have been added from individual trial accounts to relevant 'Life Archives' of convicts in the Digital Panopticon online resource. This allows you to find out what happened to defendants convicted at the Old Bailey between 1780 and 1870.

Access to Old Bailey Online data

We have added a new Access to Old Bailey Online Data page which lists current options for obtaining our text data, in order to encourage re-use. We have also updated the page listing Digital Projects Using Old Bailey Data, which has several examples of ways in which the data has already been used.

Creative Commons

The Copyright and Citation Guide has been updated to explain the Creative Commons Non-Commercial licence under which Old Bailey Online data is made available for re-use. We have also endeavoured to clarify how we define 'non-commercial' for use of our material.


We have taken the opportunity to correct a number of bugs in the search functions, textual and tagging errors, and broken links. We are grateful to our users for reporting many of these errors. This means that searches conducted using version 8.0 may produce different results from those previously conducted. Changes include:

  • a number of corrections to errors in defendant name tagging
  • correction of occupational labels where married male defendants were labelled as 'wife'
  • removal of duplicate text and addition of omitted text
  • corrected errors in offence tagging

Map search and user workspaces

Following a security incident in July 2016, a number of site facilities and search tools were suspended. Most of these were restored within a few months, with the exception of the map search and user workspaces. It is possible that the workspaces may be reinstated at a future date. However, it is unfortunately not feasible to restore the map search and we have therefore decided to withdraw it permanently. We very much regret this loss of functionality, but an alternative mapping facility is available at Locating London's Past.