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What's New (March 2015)

Changes to the Old Bailey Proceedings Online in March 2015 (Version 7.2)

For changes implemented in previous updates, consult the What's New Archive.


We have taken the opportunity to correct a number of errors, including tagging errors and broken links. We are grateful to our registered users for reporting many of these errors. This means that searches conducted using version 7.2 may produce different results from those previously conducted. Changes include:

  • Original page images for the period 1674 to 1715 should now be displayed correctly
  • A number of related issues with the tagging of husbands and wives (in 1674-1834 sessions) have been corrected:
    • Correction of a tagging error that assigned a number of male defendants the occupational title of "wife".
    • The removal of erroneous defendant status tagging from about 800 husbands.
    • Correction of the mis-tagging of a number of wives' surnames as "his" (from "his wife").
  • About 100 mistranscribed defendant ages have been corrected. Many defendants previously tagged as 80 and above are now correctly listed as being in their 20s or 30s.
  • About 850 genders previously listed as "indeterminate" have now been correctly labelled as male or female. In some cases the original "indeterminate" tag resulted from a mistranscription of a forename, and these mistranscriptions have been corrected.
  • Wrongly dated sessions have been corrected:
    • The date of the 13 June 1836 session of the court was previously wrongly listed as 13 July 1836, owing to a mistake on the original title page.
    • The date of the 30 May 1770 session was wrongly listed as 30 June 1770.
    • Correction of these errors has necessitated changing all trial references for those sessions, so for example, t18360713-1634 is now t18360613-1634. If users search for the previous trial numbers they will receive an error notice and be advised to correct the reference.

API limits

  • The API documentation previously stated that up to 50 trials could be downloaded (in a .zip file) from a single API query. However, this limit had been reduced to 10 shortly after the initial release of the API (v. 7.0) for technical reasons. The documentation has now been corrected to reflect this.