Research and Study Guides

Advice for Getting the Most out of the Online Proceedings

Detail from Thomas Rowlandson, 'Bookseller & author' (1784). Trustees of the British Museum.

New Users

Getting Started
An introduction to this website.

Guide to Searching
A guide to the most useful search techniques.

Research Tools

Doing Statistics
A tutorial introduction to the statistics search function.

Organising Your Research With Reference Management Tools (e.g. Zotero)
Using Zotero to organise and interrogate your research notes.

Using the Old Bailey API Demonstrator
A guide to the new search and export facilities available through the API.

For Students, Teachers and University Lecturers

How to Read an Old Bailey Trial
A guide to the basic structure of trial reports and the issues of interpretation which arise owing to selective reporting.

How are the Proceedings Different when Read Online?
How the online edition of the Proceedings both enhances and distorts our understanding of the original text.

Using the Proceedings in University Teaching
Ways of using the Proceedings in courses at all levels of the curriculum.

For Schools
Advice for school teachers and resources for students at key stages 2 through 6.


A comprehensive list of publications on the topics covered in the Proceedings.

Publications which Cite the Old Bailey Proceedings Online
A list of works which use evidence from this website.

Digital Projects using Old Bailey Online Data
A list of digital projects which re-use the Proceedings data.