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Old Bailey API

Welcome to the Old Bailey API. This facility allows you to work directly with the text of both the individual trials and sessions published as part of the Proceedings. You can either use the Old Bailey API Demonstrator to build queries and export texts to Voyant Tools; or else address the underlying text directly through the API.

As a part of the Datamining with Criminal Intent project, a new statistics facility that allows more complex graphing and visualisation of trial data and text has also been created:

The creation of these facilities was funded by JISC, NEH and SSHRC as a part of their Digging Into Data programme. The Datamining with Criminal Intent project was a collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield and Hertfordshire, George Mason University, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Alberta; and brings together three online resources: the Old Bailey Online, Zotero and Voyant Tools. It is designed to allow users to study the 127 milllion words of trial text using analytical tools from Voyant Tools and information management tools like Zotero. In addition to the integration of these three tools, a stand-alone prototype of a data warehousing tool has also been created. It allows for the quick production of a variety of visualisations from a summary of the trial data.

The project white paper, outlining its aims and outcomes can be downloaded here.