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  1. Mary Broadbent, Theft > grand larceny; Mary Cosier, Theft > receiving; Mary Harding, Theft > receiving; Phillis Harding, Theft > receiving, 20th April 1726.

    Mary Broadbent , a Child , about 10 Years old, was indicted for stealing from her Father, Paul Broadbent a piece of an old Frock, 3 Clouts, and several other Rags , on the 5th of April , and, Mary Cosier , Mary Harding , and Phillis Harding , were indicted...
  2. Ordinary's Account, 24th November 1740.

    THE ORDINARY of NEWGATE, His ACCOUNT of the Behaviour, Confession, and Dying Words, OF THE MALEFACTORS, Who were Executed at TYBURN, On MONDAY the 24th of November. BEING THE FIFTH EXECUTION in the MAYORALTY OF THE Rt. Hon. Sir JOHN SALTER Knt . Number V. ...
  3. John Guson, Theft > other, 9th April 1746.

    178. John Guson was indicted for stealing ten Pair of Shoes , the Goods of Thomas Lang , of St. Katherine's . Q. (to Tho Lang .) What are you a Shoemaker ? Lang. Yes. Q. Where do you live? Lang. In St. Katherine's, please you my Lord. Q. Did you lose any T...