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  1. John Holland, 26th July 1699.
    Trials: t17000115-13 t17000115-11 t16991011-9
    Name, Date of Document and Offence: John Holland, 26/07/1699.
    Document Type and Location: deposition, The National Archives, MINT 15/17 nos 236, 239.
    Comments: coinage offence

  2. John Hayles, 20th November 1699.
    Trials: t17000115-11 t17000115-13 t17000115-58
    Name, Date of Document and Offence: John Hayles, 1699 Nov 20.
    Document Type and Location: certificate, London Metropolitan Archives, MJ/SP/1699/12/021.
    Description: John Hayles is released from his bail bond

  3. John Hall, December 1699.
    Trials: t17000115-13
    Name, Date of Document and Offence: John Hall, 1699 Dec.
    Document Type and Location: petition, London Metropolitan Archives, MJ/SP/1699/12/001.
    Description: John Hall asks to be bailed or released this session