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  1. William Cress, 1699.
    Trials: t16990524-46 t16990524-22 t16980504-3
    Name, Date of Document and Offence: William Cress, 1699.
    Document Type and Location: broadside, British Library, 515.l.2.(174).
    Description: A true copy of the papers that were delivered by Mr. William Cress, and Edward Robinson, to the Reverend Mr, Allen, Ordinary, at their execution, on Friday the 22d. instant Decemb. 1699

  2. William Cotterill, 20th January 1699.
    Trials: t16990524-46 t16980504-3 t16990524-22 t16980504-34
    Name, Date of Document and Offence: William Cotterill, 1699 Jan 20.
    Document Type and Location: document, London Metropolitan Archives, MJ/SP/1699/02/036.
    Description: Joseph Davis accuses William Cotterill and Sarah Broune of stealing which they deny