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Searched for all offences where the transcription matches '+sword' (all words must be present), verdict category is sexual offences and decade is 1750s, between 1674 and 1800

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  1. Daniel Lackey, Sexual Offences > rape, 20th April 1757.

    187. (M.) Daniel Lackey , Esq ; was indicted for feloniously committing a rape upon the body of Christian Streeter , spinster, on the 2d of October last, against the statute . Christian Streeter . On the 2d of October last, as I was walking alone in St. Ja...
  2. Gilbert Wright, Sexual Offences > rape, 11th July 1759.

    218. (M.) Gilbert Wright was indicted for making an assault upon Elizabeth Larmond , spinster ; and against the will of her the said Elizabeth, did ravish and carnally know , June 5 . + Elizabeth Larmond . I was twelve years of age last January: I live in ...