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  1. ROBERT NORRIS, Royal Offences > tax offences, 15th February 1792.

    156. ROBERT NORRIS was indicted for that he, in company with John Cooke , on the 27th of December, in the 31st year of his present Majesty's reign , in the parish of Cobham, in the county of Kent , on Robert Lidden , an excise officer of our Lord the King,...
  2. MICHAEL MITCHELL, Royal Offences > tax offences, 17th September 1794.

    466. MICHAEL MITCHELL was indicted for that he, on the 24th of January , on John Collings , an officer of the excise , on shore, in the due execution of his duty, in seizing for our Lord the King, four gallons of spirituous liquors, liable to be seized, un...
  3. ROBERT THOMAS CROSSFIELD, Royal Offences > treason, 11th May 1796.

    316. ROBERT THOMAS CROSSFIELD was indicted for High Treason, in compassing and imagining the death of the King , September 8, 1794 . The Pannel of the JURY called over. Hilton Wray, Birchin lane, Esq. challenged. John Anderson , Philpot lane, merchant not ...