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  1. George Purchase, Royal Offences > treason, 18th April 1710.

    The Persons Sworn upon the Jury for George Purchase were as follows. Thomas Sutton , Esq; John Furness John Parsons Joseph Parsons William Hargrave John Meard Edward Boswell Robert Breakspear Richard Bearknife Richard Hazzard Francis Higgins Humphrey Newma...
  2. Lewis Amond de la Cour, Royal Offences > seditious words, 23rd February 1715.

    Lewis Amond de la Cour , was indicted for a Misdemeanor, in speaking dangerous Words against his Majesty . It was positively sworn by one Witness, That the Prisoner utter'd himself in French to this Purpose, King George has not any just Protection to the C...
  3. Robert Foot, Royal Offences > coining offences, 10th September 1718.

    Robert Foot , of St. James's Westminster , was indicted for High Treason, for counterfeiting the current Coyn of this Kingdom, in Coyning 20 Pieces in the similitude of Guineas,20 in the similitude of Crowns,20 in the likeness of Half Crowns, and 20 in the...