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Searched for all offences where the transcription matches '+sword' (all words must be present), verdict category is killing and decade is 1800s, between 1674 and 1800

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  1. JAMES HARTLEY, Killing > murder, 19th February 1800.

    169. JAMES HARTLEY was indicted for the wilful murder of George Scott . He was likewise charged upon the Coronor's Inquisition, in one count, with the like murder, and in a second count, with killing and slaying the said George Scott . THOMAS WALTON sworn....
  2. JOHN WILSON, Killing > murder, 28th May 1800.

    378. JOHN WILSON was indicted for the murder of Louis Bartolomichi . (The indictment was stated by Mr. Matthews, and the case by Mr. Gurney.) MARIA BARTOLOMICHI sworn. Examined by Mr. Matthews. I am the widow of the deceased: On Saturday the 15th of March,...