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Searched for all offences where the transcription matches '+sword' (all words must be present), verdict category is deception and decade is 1760s, between 1674 and 1800

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  1. Nicholas Campbell, Deception > forgery, 16th January 1761.

    66. (M.) Nicholas Campbell , was indicted for feloniously, falsely making, forging and counterfeiting, and causing and procuring, and willingly acting and assisting, in making a certain promissory note, for the payment of 1350 l. with the name Joseph Pears...
  2. John M'Donnell, Deception > forgery, 29th April 1767.

    244. (M.) John M'Donnell was indicted for forging a certain order for the payment of 50 l. with the name of T. Haydon subscribed thereunto, directed to Hinton Brown and Co. and for publishing the same, with intent to defraud James Keyo , Jan. 31 . * James ...