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Searched for all offences where the transcription matches '+sword' (all words must be present), verdict category is damage to property and decade is 1760s, between 1674 and 1800

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  1. William Horsford, Damage to Property > other, 6th December 1769.

    40. (M.) William Horsford was indicted for breaking the house of Thomas Poor , and by force enter, on the 9th of August , about eleven at night, with intent, feloniously, to cut and destroy raw silk, then and there being in a loom in the said dwelling hous...
  2. William Eastman, Damage to Property > other, 6th December 1769.

    36. (L.) William Eastman was indicted for that he on the 11th of September , about one in the night, the dwelling house of Daniel Clarke , did break, and by force enter, with intent, feloniously and maliciously to cut and destroy silk manufactory, being in...