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Searched for all offences where the transcription matches '+sword' (all words must be present), verdict category is breaking peace and decade is 1760s, between 1674 and 1800

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  1. John Grainger, Breaking Peace > wounding; Daniel Clark, Breaking Peace > wounding; Richard Cornwall, Breaking Peace > wounding; Patrick Lynch, Breaking Peace > wounding; Thomas Murray, Breaking Peace > wounding; Peter Flaharty, Breaking Peace > wounding; Nicholas M'Cabe, Breaking Peace > wounding, 6th July 1768.

    461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466, 467. (M.) John Grainger , Daniel Clark , otherwise Clarey , Richard Cornwall , Patrick Lynch , Thomas Murray , Peter Flaharty , and Nicholas M'Cabe , were indicted for being ill designing and disorderly persons, of wicked and ...
  2. Nathaniel Norris, Breaking Peace > riot, 6th December 1769.

    28. (M.) Nathaniel Norris was indicted for that he, together with divers other persons, to the number of one hundred or more, on the 6th of December , did riotously and tumultuously assemble together to the disturbance of the public peace, and did unlawful...