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  1. WILLIAM LINSEY, Violent Theft > robbery; EDWARD PARKER, Violent Theft > robbery, 18th November 1872.

    2. WILLIAM LINSEY and EDWARD PARKER (alias KILBY ) were again indicted for feloniously assaulting William Henry Webb, with intent to rob him. MR. A. B. KELLY conducted the Prosecution; MR. RIBTQN defended Linsey, and MR. STRAIGHT defended Parker. WILLIAM H...
  2. WILLIAM POTTER, Violent Theft > robbery, 18th November 1878.

    15. WILLIAM POTTER alias McGAVIN (37), Robbery with violence on Charles John Lisson, and stealing 25 diamonds and other articles. MR. WHITE Prosecuted; and MR. BUTLER Defended. CHARLES JOHN LISSON. I am a diamond merchant and live at 46, Beresford Road, Hi...