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  1. EUGENIE ROULLIER, Sexual Offences > keeping a brothel, 24th November 1890.

    84. EUGENIE ROULLIER, alias M. E. FLORENT (26) , Unlawfully attempting to procure Nellie Maud Baskett, aged 19, to have unlawful carnal connection with one Wilson outside the Queen's dominions. Other Counts, for attempting to procure her to have connection...
  2. MARIA CASH, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 7th March 1892.

    368. MARIA CASH, alias MARIA GILLMAN , marrying Thomas Gillman during the lifetime of her husband, Alfred Cash. MR. ARTHUR PASSMORE Prosecuted. ELLEN DAVIS . I am the prisoner's sister—I was present at her marriage on 29th June, 1879, to Alfred Cash,...
  3. FRANCES ANN GIBBONS, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 23rd May 1892.

    575. FRANCES ANN GIBBONS, alias SMITH , Feloniously manning Walter John Smith, her husband being alive. MR. BUTLER prosecuted. JAMES ROBERT GIBBONS . I am a newsagent of Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey—I was present in 877 when the prisoner was marri...
  4. EMMA SWAYSLAND, Sexual Offences > bigamy; Sexual Offences > bigamy, 10th April 1893.

    (372) EMMA SWAYSLAND, alias WHITE , to feloniously marrying John Walworth, her husband being then alive.— [Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.] Discharged on recognisances.
  5. HENRIETTA BLACKBURN, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 30th April 1894.

    412. HENRIETTA BLACKBURN (alias ESTHER CROSS ) (46) , to willfully causing to be inserted in a register of marriage the statement that she was a widow, whereas her husband was alive. ( [Pleaded Guilty: See original trial image.] The prisoner pleaded NOT GU...
  6. HENRY JOHN CLARKE, Sexual Offences > keeping a brothel; ELLEN LYON, Sexual Offences > keeping a brothel, 25th March 1895.

    334. HENRY JOHN CLARKE (45), and ELLEN LYON, alias WATSON , (30) were indicted for unlawfully conspiring by false representations to procure Gertrude Alexandra Barrett, not being a common prostitute, to have carnal connection with Charles Wilson. Other Cou...
  7. JOHN SHEPHERD, Theft > extortion; GEORGE MOODY, Theft > extortion; GEORGE WILTON, Theft > extortion; JOHN SHEPHERD, Sexual Offences > indecent assault, 17th June 1895.

    519. JOHN SHEPHERD, alias WOOD (36) , GEORGE MOODY alias MOONEY (27) , and GEORGE WILTON (48) , feloniously demanding money with menaces of Westley Francis, with intent to rob. MESSRS. C.F. GILL and HORACE AVORY Prosecuted, and MR. DRUMMOND Defended at the...
  8. CLARISSA SMITH OSBORN, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 18th May 1896.

    445. CLARISSA SMITH OSBORN (alias CLARISSA TILBURY ) PLEADED GUILTY to marrying John Henry Squire Tilbury during the lifetime of her husband.— Three Days' Imprisonment.