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  1. ANNIE REEVE, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 12th December 1870.

    82. ANNIE REEVE, alias WOOD (29) , Feloniously marrying George Wood during the life of her husband, Charles Julian Reeve. MR. LEWIS conducted the Prosecution. REV. MATTHEW HOUSE PIERPOINT . I am Rector of Elworthy, near Taunton—I know the prisoner...
  2. EVA PIERLO, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 8th January 1872.

    134. EVA PIERLO alias JONES (40) , Feloniously marrying William Frederick White, her husband being alive. MR. PLATT conducted the Prosecution. MARY ANN CARTER . I live at 58, Minories—I am single—on 8th December, 1870, I was present at Aldgate ...
  3. RICHARD HENRY CONWAY SEYMOUR, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 10th June 1872.

    470. RICHARD HENRY CONWAY SEYMOUR alias CAVENDISH (75) , Feloniously marrying Ann Elizabeth Pugh, his wife being alive. MESSRS. STRAIGHT and METCALFE conducted the Prosecution; and MR. LILLET the Defence. ELIZABETH EDEY . I live at Southampton—on 10t...