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  1. ELIJAH SCOTT, Sexual Offences > assault with sodomitical intent, 21st October 1850.

    1800. ELIJAH SCOTT, alias Eliza. Scott, assaulting Bennett James Martin, with intent to commit, &c. GUILTY of a Common Assault. Aged 20.— Judgment Respited.
  2. ABRAHAM WILKINSON, Sexual Offences > rape, 16th June 1851.

    1387. ABRAHAM WILKINSON , Rape on Caroline Reardon, alias Shea . GUILTY . Aged 60.— Transported for Ten Years.
  3. THOMAS BROWN, Sexual Offences > rape, 30th January 1854.

    318. THOMAS BROWN alias BELL , was indicted for a rape upon Elizabeth Marsh, on 28th December. MESSRS. PARRY and DEARSLEY conducted the Prosecution. (The prisoner requested the Court to assign him Counsel, and MR. LAURENCE undertook the Defence.) GUILTY . ...
  4. ADOLPHUS HARRISON, Sexual Offences > keeping a brothel, 3rd April 1854.

    531. ADOLPHUS HARRISON was indicted (together with Alexandre Deseaux, and Laure Laboucher , alias Denis, and Guillaume Denis, the two latter not in custody), for unlawfully attempting by false pretences and fraudulent means to procure one Alice Leroy (she ...
  5. WILLIAM CHRISTIE, Sexual Offences > sodomy, 15th August 1859.

    784. WILLIAM CHRISTIE (alias PRICE ) (35) , Unlawfully attempting to commit b—st—y. NOT GUILTY .