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  1. Abraham Robinson, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 2nd June 1731.

    Abraham Robinson was indicted for feloniously marrying Mary Thompson , his first Wife Elizabeth Cantrel being alive . It appear'd by the Evidence that the Prisoner and Elizabeth Cantrel had liv'd together at Purflet as Man and Wife for near 20 Years. Samue...
  2. Sarah Bradford, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 8th September 1731.

    Sarah Bradford , alias Smithson , was indicted for feloniously marrying Jonathan Montgomery , her first Husband, John Smithson , being alive ; but the second Marriage not being prov'd to the Satisfaction of the Jury, they acquitted her.
  3. Sarah Sherard, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 13th October 1731.

    Sarah Sherard, alias Binns, alias Richardson , was indicted for feloniously marrying a second Husband, James Richardson ; her first Husband, Richard Binns , being alive . To which Indictment she pleaded Guilty . [Branding. See summary.]
  4. Joseph Pearson, Sexual Offences > rape, 6th December 1732.

    80. Joseph Pearson , alias York , (aged 17) was indicted for Assaulting, Ravishing, and carnally knowing Eliz. Long , an Infant of about the Age of 9 Years, Nov. 5 . The Court thinking Eliz. Long too young to be sworn, she was set aside. Ann Long , the Chi...
  5. William Kenneday, Sexual Offences > rape, 4th December 1734.

    72. William Kenneday , alias Canaday , Gent . of St. Clement's Danes , was indicted for assaulting, and wickedly, unlawfully, and carnally knowing, and abusing Ann Cooper , an Infant of nine Years of Age , Sept. 2 . But no Evidence appearing he was acquitt...
  6. John Whitney, Sexual Offences > rape, 11th September 1735.

    67. John Whitney , alias Pug , was indicted for ravishing Margaret Maccullough , July 6 . The Prosecutrix deposed, that Pug came first up the Court swearing and cursing, and talking Baudy. That he seized upon Elizabeth Russell , and blinded her, and stoppe...