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  1. Sarah Scot, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 25th February 1713.

    Sarah Scot, alias Ridgway , was indicted for being marry'd to John Ridgway , her former Husband Robert Windor being yet alive . To which she pleaded Guilty . [Branding. See summary.]
  2. Dorothy Poppleton, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 30th June 1714.

    Dorothy Poppleton alias Douglas, (spelt in French, Jougla) alias Drake, alias Malard , was indicted for marrying , and having two husbands living at the same Time , Peter Douglas alias Jougla her First, and the Reverend Michael Malard her Second Husband. U...
  3. Lewis Dewry, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 30th June 1714.

    Lewis Dewry, Esq; alias Sir Charles Witherington, Kt. was indicted for felony, in taking to Wife Mary Newnham , on the 13th of April last, his former Wife Dorothy Tyndal being yet alive . But the Evidence not proving the last Marriage, he was acquitted .
  4. William Mayly, Sexual Offences > sodomy, 14th January 1715.

    William Mayly alias, Mayberry was indicted for attempting to commit the detestable Sin of Sodomy upon the Body of David Thomas : But Thomas resisting to be sworn to give Evidence, (tho' he had accus'd the Prisoner before) Mayly was acquitted , and he commi...
  5. James Calboune, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 2nd June 1715.

    James Calboune , alias Calvin , alias Calson , was indicted for marrying a second Wife, on the 11th of September last, his former Wife , Eleanor Hawley , to whom he was married on the 3d of April, in the 10th Year of the late Queen, being then alive ; and ...
  6. Daniel Bonnely, Sexual Offences > rape, 13th July 1715.

    Daniel Bonnely , alias Elsey , of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch , was indicted for deflowring, and carnally knowing against her consent, Eliz Robinson (a Girl of 11 Years of Age ) on the 12th of June last. It appear'd by the Evidence. That the Priso...
  7. Mary Pewterer, Sexual Offences > rape, 6th September 1716.

    Mary Pewterer , alias Finch , of the Parish of St. Botolph without Aldgate , was indicted for assisting in a Rape on the Person of Phillis Delpeck , a Virgin between 9 and 10 Years of Age , Upon Trial, the Child, who was very little, depos'd, the Prisoner ...
  8. Sarah Jepherson, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 4th December 1717.

    Sarah Jepherson alias White of St. Mary White Chappel was indicted for marrying a Second Husband, the 20th of February last, her first Husband being alive ; but it being within the Act of Grace she was acquitted .
  9. Bridget Potter, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 10th January 1718.

    Bridget Potter , alias Hamlet , alias Ward , was indicted for that she was married to James Hamlet the 26th of May last, and also married again to Edward Ward , the 4th of August last . The Evidence depos'd that after she was married to James Hamlet , he b...
  10. Hugh Coleman, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 27th February 1718.

    Hugh alias John Coleman , alias John Davis, alias Hugh Roberts , was indicted for Polygamy (i.e. marrying several Wives) and in particular for marrying Amy Parker the 29th of October last, and for marrying Susanna Payn the 1st of January last, Amy Parker b...

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