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  1. John Jefferson, Sexual Offences > rape, 14th January 1702.

    John Jefferson, alias Jefferies , of the Parish of St. Stephens Coleman street , was indicted for a Rape, committed on the Body of Ann Huffam Spinster , a Virgin of the Age of 11 Years , on the first of January last. It not appearing to be a Rape, but done...
  2. Tobias Maccarty, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 14th October 1702.

    Tobias Maccarty, alis Dathy Maccarty, alias Jeremy Maccarty , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was indicted for marrying a second Wife , the first being alive . There was no Evidence against him, the Jury acquitted him.
  3. Mary Jones, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 15th January 1703.

    Mary Jones, alias Cane , was indicted, for that she, the 30th Day of December, in the 7th Year of the late King William, at the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields, was married to one Daniel Cane , and that she afterwards, the 20th of August, in the 11th Y...
  4. Mary Price, Sexual Offences > sodomy, 26th April 1704.

    Mary Price, alias Hartington , of the Parish of Eling , was indicted for the Horrible and abominable Sin of Sodomy, committed with a Dog , on the 25th of March last. The Evidence against her was a Girl, who lived in a Room one pair of Stairs in the same Ho...
  5. Elizabeth Blunt, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 15th January 1707.

    Elizabeth Blunt, alias Blunden, alias Hilliard, alias Matter , was Indicted for Marrying one Henry Matter , on the 16th Day of Jan. 1706. her first Husband William Hilliard being then alive . The first Evidence for the Queen, undertook to prove that the Pr...
  6. Alice Gray, Sexual Offences > rape, 23rd April 1707.

    Alice Gray , of the Parish of St. Giles's in the Fields , was Indicted for aiding and assisting John, alias Thomas Smith , in the committing of a Rape on the Body of Catherine Masters , of the Age of 10 Years and upward, on the 28th of February last . The ...
  7. Mary Lewellin, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 3rd September 1707.

    Mary Lewellin, alias Dennis, alias Freeman , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , was Indicted for Feloniously Marrying Thomas Freeman , on the 29th. of August 1706, her first Husband Samuel Dennis whom she Married on the second of April 1706, bein...
  8. Elizabeth Nest, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 10th December 1707.

    Elizabeth Nest, alias Sanchy, alias Burton , was Indicted for Marrying Henry Burton , in the Year 1704. her first Husband, one Sanchy , whom she marry'd in the Year 1695. being then alive . The Evidence not being clear, the Jury acquitted the Prisoner.