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  1. WILLIAM JACKSON, Royal Offences > coining offences; JOHN HARRIS, Royal Offences > coining offences; MARGARET ANN, Royal Offences > coining offences; ROSE LAWRENCE, Royal Offences > coining offences; MARGARET ANN, unknown; ROSE LAWRENCE, unknown, 28th March 1911.

    JACKSON, William (27, dealer); HARRIS, John (22, carpenter); HARRIS, Margaret Ann (24, charwoman); and LAWRENCE, Rose (20, servant); all feloniously making counterfeit coin with intent to utter the same. Margaret Harris and Lawrence, uttering counterfeit c...
  2. GEORGE WALLACE, Royal Offences > coining offences, 1st December 1912.

    WALLACE, George (46, engineer) , feloniously making counterfiet coin. Mr. Beaumont Morice prosecuted. Detective sergeant JOSEPH GILLARD, E division. At 10.40 a.m., on October 31, I went to 30, Hanforth road, Kennington, in company with Detective Wiltshire....