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  1. ELIZA DE WELZENSTEIN, Miscellaneous > conspiracy; MADELINE JOURDAN, Miscellaneous > conspiracy; EDWARD DE WELZENSTEIN, Miscellaneous > conspiracy; HERMAN FREICKE, Miscellaneous > conspiracy, 7th May 1860.

    397. ELIZA DE WELZENSTEIN, MADELINE JOURDAN, EDWARD DE WELZENSTEIN , and HERMAN FREICKE were indicted for a conspiracy. MR. HUDDLESTON, Q.C. and MESSRS. SLNIGH and POLAND conducted the Prosecution. JOSEPH STOHWASSER . I am a tailor, of Conduit street, and ...
  2. PHILIP BRAUN, Deception > forgery; PHILIP BRAUN, Miscellaneous > conspiracy, 8th January 1866.

    184. PHILIP BRAUN (31) , Feloniously and without lawful excuse engraving upon a metal plate part of a five rouble note of the Empire of Russia. (See page 166.) MR. SERJEANT BALLANTINE, MR. GIFFARD, Q. C. and MR. SLEIGH conducted the Prosecution. JOSEPH LIB...
  3. THOMAS ELLIS, Miscellaneous > perverting justice, 28th October 1867.

    978. THOMAS ELLIS, alias MORGAN (22) , to unlawfully making his escape from Woking Prison while under sentence of penal servitude.— [Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.] To be Imprisoned Seven Days at the expiration of his former sentence.
  4. GEORGE BRITTAIN BRISTOWE, Miscellaneous > perverting justice, 6th January 1868.

    132. GEORGE BRITTAIN BRISTOWE (35), Unlawfully attempting to prevent George William Day from appearing as a witness against George Gould. (See pages 74 and 102). MR. STRAIGHT conducted the Prosecution, and MR. LILLET the Defence. GEORGE WILLIAM DAY . I liv...