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  1. NATHANIEL BAYLISS, Violent Theft > highway robbery; JAMES CROMPTON, Violent Theft > highway robbery; NATHANIEL BAYLISS, Miscellaneous > returning from transportation, 9th December 1772.

    85, 86. (L.) NATHANIEL BAYLISS, otherwise JOHN BAILEY, otherwise JOHN BAYLISS , and JAMES CROMPTON , were indicted, for that they on the king's highway, on John Bullock , did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, and stealin...
  2. SARAH GREEN, Miscellaneous > perverting justice, 6th December 1775.

    91. SARAH, the wife of THOMAS GREEN , alias SMART , was indicted for that he feloniously, without the consent or privity of the governor or keeper or underkeeper of the gaol or house of correction at Clerkenwell, did convey and cause to be conveyed to Thom...