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  1. John Brannon, Killing > murder; Hugh M'Mahoan, Killing > murder, 11th July 1770.

    488, 489. (M.) John Brannon , alias Branhum , and Hugh M'Mahoan , alias M'Marne , were indicted, together with Matthias M'Mahoan, alias M'Marne, and Michael M'Donald, not yet taken, the said Matthias M'Mahoan, and John Brannon , alias Branhum, for the wilf...
  2. FRANCIS MERCIER, Killing > murder, 3rd December 1777.

    32. FRANCIS MERCIER , otherwise LOUIS LE BUTTE , was indicted for the wilful murder of David Samuel Mondrey , October 12 . He likewise stood charged, on the coroner's inquisition, with the said murder. When the prisoner was set to the bar and arraigned, he...