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  1. ROBERT JACQUES, Deception > fraud; John Tronson, Deception > fraud; Richard Bailey, Deception > fraud; Elizabeth Tronson, Deception > fraud; Francis Shanly, Deception > fraud, 10th July 1790.

    537. ROBERT JACQUES was indicted (together with John Tronson alias Smith , Richard Bailey , Elizabeth Tronson alias Smith , and Francis Shanly alias Loftus , together with divers other persons, to the jurors unknown) for that they, intending to injure and ...
  2. GEORGE SMITH, Deception > forgery, 23rd May 1792.

    241. GEORGE SMITH , alias SWALLOW , was indicted for falsly and feloniously making, forging, and counterfeiting, and causing to be falsly and feloniously made, forged, and counterfeited, and willingly acting and assisting in the false making, forging, and ...
  3. SUSANNAH WINTON, Deception > perjury, 20th February 1793.

    282. SUSANNAH WINTON alias HARRIOT BELL JAMES was indicted for wilful and corrupt perjury . Not GUILTY . Tried by the London Jury before Mr. RECORDER.