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  1. Dominick Fitzgerald, Deception > forgery; James Lee, Deception > forgery, 4th December 1741.

    30, 31. Dominick Fitzgerald , and James Lee , alias Welch , were indicted (with Elizabeth Fitzgerald , and James Derneane , not taken) for that they, after the 24th of June, 1736, viz. September 16th , at St. Bennet Paul's Wharf, feloniously forged, and ca...
  2. William Plummer, Deception > forgery, 24th February 1742.

    21. + William Plummer , alias Cricklow , was indicted, for that he, on the 21st of January , feloniously made, and forged, a certain counterfeit Order in Writing, directed to Mr. Alexander, in Wood street, &c. with Intent to defraud Wm Alexander, and C...