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  1. John Welsh, Deception > perjury, 5th December 1711.

    John Welsh alias Thomspon , was indicted for a Wicked and Corrupt Perjury before Mr. Justice Blincoe, in personating another Man ; the Jury found him Guilty . [Pillory. See summary.] [Fine. See summary.] [Provide sureties for good behaviour. See summary.]
  2. Charles Simons, Deception > fraud, 11th January 1712.

    Charles Simons , alias Amhurst , was indicted upon two several Indictments for Cheating ; but the Prosecutors not having sufficient Matter to find him Guilty, he was acquitted .
  3. John Welsh, Deception > perjury, 27th February 1712.

    John Welsh , alias Jones , was indicted for wilful Perjury, in making Affidavit before Mr. Justice Blencoe, concerning an Escape Warrant, against one Smith, in order to set aside the said Warrant . The Evidence was very plain against him, whereupon the Jur...
  4. Dionicious Carthy, Deception > fraud, 8th July 1713.

    Dionicious Carthy alias Carty was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in personating Nicholas Wilson , Marriner , belonging to Her Majesty's Ship Drake, and defrauding him of 12 s. 6 d. due as Bounty Money for taking the Royal Colant . Which being clearly prov'd ...
  5. Stephen Mead, Deception > forgery, 9th December 1714.

    Stephen Mead , alias Lewis Jackson , was indicted for forging and publishing a Bill of Exchange, under the Hand of Derrick Van Slicker , Merchant of Amsterdam , and endeavouring there by to defraud Mr . Atwell (a Banker ) of the Sum of 200 l. The Evidence ...
  6. John Brown, Deception > forgery; Elizabeth Pollocks, Deception > forgery, 7th September 1715.

    John Brown alias Burnet , and Elizabeth Pollocks , alias Mitchell , were both indicted for a Misdemeanour, in taking up a false Letter of Administration, and in erasing and altering the same . The first Evidence for the King depos'd, That Pollocks came to ...
  7. Frances Wetheridge, Deception > forgery, 22nd February 1716.

    Frances Wetheridge , alias Green , was indicted for a Misdemeanor, in persuading, encouraging, and employing one Ann Grant to personate the Widow of John Murray , and to receive 10 1. 9 s. of the late Queen's Bounty Money for Widows, whose Husbands were sl...
  8. John Bowk alias, Deception > fraud, 6th September 1716.

    John Bowk alias Bowden , was indicted for a Cheat, in offering to pawn a pair of Pewter Spurs for 20 s. as Silver . Which was prov'd, and the Jury found him Guilty . [Fine. See summary.]
  9. Jacob William Harris alias, Deception > forgery; Thomas Ambrose, Deception > forgery, 5th December 1718.

    Jacob William Harris alias James Simpson , was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in that he did deliver several counterfeit Letters to Collonel Westal , to Mr. Thomas Ambrose , and Mr . Ludlem , Chamberlain of London; pretending the Letters to have been written...
  10. Mary Butterfield, Deception > perjury; Amy Pierce, Deception > perjury, 14th October 1719.

    Mary Butterfield and Amy Pierce , were indicted for a Misdemeanour in persuading Sarah Lonsdale alias Saunders , and Elizabeth Tyger to give false Evidence against Jams Boyce in a Tryal at Guild Hall for scandalous Words against the King . But it appearing...