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  1. JOHN STONE, Damage to Property > arson; JOHN STONE, Damage to Property > arson; ANN HYDE, Damage to Property > arson, 23rd February 1846.

    677. JOHN STONE the elder, JOHN STONE the younger, and ANN HYDE, alias Stone , were indicted for feloniously, unlawfully, and maliciously setting fire to a certain dwelling house of the said John Stone the elder, then being in his possession, with intent t...
  2. WILLIAM ASHCROFT, Damage to Property > other, 25th October 1847.

    2464. WILLIAM ASHCROFT, alias Jameson , was indicted for unlawfully casting, placing, and throwing 22 large paving stones upon and across the Eastern Counties Railway, thereby endangering the lives of certain person whose names are unknown. MR. SERJEANT WI...