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  1. WILLIAM CHARLES HART SAXEBY, Breaking Peace > libel, 31st May 1910.

    SAXEBY, William Charles Hart (43, clerk) . Unlawfully printing and publishing, and causing and procuring to be printed and published, a certain defamatory libel in the form of a printed pamphlet of and concerning Demetrius John Delyannis. Prisoner pleaded ...
  2. ARTHUR REMNANT, Breaking Peace > wounding, 23rd May 1911.

    REMNANT, Arthur, alias Marler (47, potman), pleaded guilty of feloniously throwing upon Alice Marler a certain corrosive fluid called vitriol, with intent to burn her or with intent to do her grievous bodily harm. Marler was a woman with whom prisoner had ...
  3. ROBERT WHEELER, Breaking Peace > riot; WILLIAM SPENCER, Breaking Peace > riot; STEPHEN COOPER, Breaking Peace > riot; THOMAS TAYLOR, Breaking Peace > riot; CHARLES CALLAGHAN, Breaking Peace > riot; WILLIAM NEWMAN, Breaking Peace > riot; WILLIAM ANDREWS, Breaking Peace > riot; ARTHUR TRESSADERN, Breaking Peace > riot, 5th December 1911.

    WHEELER, Robert (31, marble polisher), SPENCER, William (29, bricklayer), COOPER, Stephen (30, tailor), TAYLOR, Thomas (23, porter), CALLAGHAN, Charles (31, labourer), NEWMAN. William (27, porter), ANDREWS, William (30, painter), and TRESSADERN, Arthur, al...