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  1. JOHN BONN, Breaking Peace > wounding; HARRY SHARPER, Breaking Peace > wounding; JAMES BROOKS, Breaking Peace > wounding; JAMES EDWARDS, Breaking Peace > wounding, 7th April 1902.

    321. JOHN BONN alias McCARTHY (28), HARRY SHARPER (18), JAMES BROOKS (20), and JAMES EDWARDS (33) , Feloniously wounding Meyer Edgar with intent to do him grievous bodily harm. MR. A. GILL and MR. GRAHAM CAMPBELL Prosecuted, and MR. HUTTON defended Bonn. M...
  2. WILLIAM MCBEATH MARCHAM, Breaking Peace > libel; JOHN NEIL MARCHAM, Breaking Peace > libel; FRANK MARCHAM, Breaking Peace > libel; BENJAMIN BRINDLE, Breaking Peace > libel; WILLIAM ANDREWS, Breaking Peace > libel, 14th November 1904.

    12. WILLIAM MCBEATH MARCHAM, JOHN. NEIL MARCHAM, FRANK MARCHAM, BENJAMIN BRINDLE , and WILLIAM ANDREWS, Libel on Sarah Ann Good child. Justification was pleaded. MR. HUTTOX and MR. MORITZ Prosecuted MR. HAROLD MORRIS Defended. MABEL HIGGS . I am 10 years o...