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  1. Joshua Mollineux, Breaking Peace > barratry; William Hanslow, Breaking Peace > barratry; Elizabeth Hanslow, Breaking Peace > barratry, 11th September 1735.

    116, 117, 118. Joshua Mollineux , William Hanslow , and Elizabeth Hanslow , were indicted for conspiting to vex and perplex Richard Constable Attorney at Law , with Law suits, and thereby putting him to great Charges . But no Evidence appearing they were a...
  2. John Theobalds, Breaking Peace > barratry, 5th April 1741.

    58. John Theobalds the younger was indicted for Barretry . The Council for the Prosecution set forth, that the Prisoner stood charged with Barretry, and that it was Matter of Concern to see a Man who had been brought up in an honourable prosession , so far...