Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 27 November 2021), February 1893, trial of THOMAS HOWAED (24) (t18930206-245).

THOMAS HOWAED, Theft > simple larceny, 6th February 1893.

245. THOMAS HOWAED (24) , Stealing nineteen handkerchiefs of Thomas Peacock and others.

MR. GRANTHAM Prosecuted, and MR. KEITH FRITH Defended.

JAMES SHEPHERD , I am assistant to Messrs. Hope Brothers, of Fenchurch Street—on 17th January, at about half-past eight in the morning, I saw the prisoner at the door before the shop was opened—I went in, and afterwards saw Lindley serving the prisoner with some silk handkerchiefs—he selected a muffler—Lindley left the counter and went to another part of the shop—the prisoner then took up the muffler that he had purchased and paid for 'and placed it in his right-hand coat pocket—I was in a corner, about six yards from him; he looked at me; he could see me—I got under the counter, where he could not see me—he then placed his hand a second time in his pocket and drew out the muffler, and with it a pile of silk handkerchiefs, and placed them on the counter—Lindley then came back, and also Elliott, another employ√©, and said, "This man has taken some handkerchiefs from the counter"—I said, "Yes, I saw him"—the prisoner said, "I did not, I picked them up off the floor "a constable was called in.

By the COURT, I had seen the prisoner take the bundle of handkerchiefs, and with the muffler place them under his coat, and he was fumbling about his breast.

Cross-examined. I noticed that his manner was very peculiar, but nothing near so bad as he is now—he would go round and twist his head about; I put it down to St. Vitus Dance—there were three or four people in the shop.

Re-examined. I had seen the prisoner in the shop the morning previous,—he was in the habit of coming in directly the door was open, and having suspicions I watched him.

HERBERT LINDLEY , I am an assistant to Hope Brothers—on the morning of the 17th I was called by the manager to serve the prisoner—I served him with some silk handkerchiefs—after he had bought one he asked to see a muffler—I turned to get it, leaving the handkerchiefs on the counter, and returned about half a minute, when I noticed that some things were missing from the boxes—the prisoner was standing sideways, leaning against the counter—I told the manager some handkerchiefs were missing, and I noticed the prisoner take some from under

his waistcoat and put them on the counter, and he then stooped down, with the bundle in his hand, and said he had picked them up from the floor.

Cross-examined. No one had accused him of taking them—his movements were eccentric; he was not jumping about, but he was twitching all over.

The prisoner's statement before the Magistrate: "I reserve my defence, and will call witnesses elsewhere. "

PHILIP FRANCIS GILBERT (Surgeon to Hollow ay Prison). I have seen the prisoner in the prison—he is suffering from St. Vitus Dance—he has nothing mentally the matter with him—I consider him responsible.


He also PLEADED GUILTY to a previous conviction at Clerkenwell on 29th June, 1885, in the name of Herbert Hay ward, and three other convictions were proved against him.— Six Months' Hard Labour.