Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 04 October 2023), July 1887, trial of TOM COLLIS (35) (t18870725-786).

TOM COLLIS, Breaking Peace > wounding, Breaking Peace > wounding, 25th July 1887.

786. TOM COLLIS (35) , Unlawfully assaulting Rose Burnside, and occasioning her actual bodily harm.

MR. LYNE Prosecuted.

ROSE BURNSIDE . I have lived with the prisoner for the last five years—he was at work at Pinner—on the afternoon of the 3rd of July we were at the Ballot Box beerhouse, and then at the Black Horse, Greenford Green—we then went on board a boat, and then back to the Black Horse—in crossing Greenford Bridge we had some words—he asked me to go with him to Pinner—I said I should not be allowed on the farm where he was at work—he said I should, and said "Are you coming?"—I said "No"—he said a second time "Are you coming?"—I said "No"—he said "Then over the bridge you will go"—I said "You do it," and he caught me by the legs and threw me over—I have not been well since—we had both had plenty to drink, but we knew what we were doing.

JAMES HUSON . I am a pensioner, and live at Greenford Green—on the 3rd July, between 7 and 8 o'clock, I was on the bridge which goes over the Grand Junction Canal—the prisoner and prosecutrix came out of the public-house, and went to lean on the bridge; they had some quarrelsome words, and he said "I will throw you in the cut"—she said "Do it then," and he caught hold of her legs and threw her over head first, a drop of 15 feet; there was a small rowing boat on the other side of the bridge, and the man who was in it pulled up and got hold of her hand, and said "Some of you men come and give her a hand out"—by that time the prisoner had got in the water up to his waist, and I and another man went and pulled her out and put her on the bank—the prisoner used a little abusive language, I don't know why—the water is 7 or 8 feet deep under the bridge.

Prisoner. He did not touch her at all—I fetched her out myself and took her up the bank.

JOHN EARL (Policeman X 185). I was called to the bridge, and saw the prisoner and prosecutrix—I asked her if she would give the prisoner in charge—she said "Yes"—I told him he would have to go to the station—he went quietly for about half a mile; then he pulled this belt off and said he would go no farther, and struck me with the buckle end once on the hand and once on the back—another constable came, and we took him to the station.

Prisoner's Defence. He and five or six others got me down in the road

and dragged me along the road, and he wanted to give me the frog's march; the woman is a bad lot and always drunk.

GUILTY .— Twelve Months' Hard Labour.

There was another indictment against the prisoner for attempting to murder the same person , upon which no evidence was offered. NOT GUILTY .