Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 01 December 2021), June 1875, trial of JOHN GORMAN (59) (t18750605-405).

JOHN GORMAN, Theft > simple larceny, 5th June 1875.

405. JOHN GORMAN (59) , Stealing 83 yards of satin, the property of John Venables and another.

MR. J. P. GRAIN conducted the Prosecution.

WALTER WHITE . I am a warehouseman in the employ of John Venables, of 68, Wood Street—on 7th June, about 1.40, I was taking stock and standing on a ladder in the warehouse when" I heard a noise and saw the prisoner come in at the front door and take a piece of satin off the counter—he went out with it and I jumped off the ladder and went after him—he went into another warehouse (Gladman's)—I followed him in and saw him drop the parcel of satin—he ran out and. I followed him into Wood Street and took him into the warehouse—I then returned to Gladman's and got the piece of satin—its value was 8l. 7s.—I am able to identify it.

Cross-examined by the Prisoner. I suddenly laid hold of your collar—I don't know whether you had anything in your hand—I don't know whether there is a pump in a little turning near—I don't know that knocked a bit of bread out of your hand—I saw the policeman at the station pull something out of your pocket—I did not say to you, when I laid hold of you by the collar, "Were you not in our warehouse"—I kept you about five minutes I should think, not a quarter of an hour or twenty

minutes—I picked up the piece of satin in Gladman's shop—I didn't want to ask you where it was.

JAMES POND (City Policeman 164). About 1.45, on the 7th June, I was called to the prosecutor's warehouse and the prisoner was given into my custody for stealing a piece of satin which was fetched from another warekouse—the prisoner said he had not taken it because he had not been in the warehouse—I asked him where he lived and he said he had no fixed residence.

Prisoner's Defence. I went to the pump and took a drink of water and was eating a piece of dry bread when the warehouseman suddenly laid hold of me and jerked it out of my hand and asked me as I was going along the road if I had the goods. I knew nothing about the goods and I told him so and he keeps mo a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes. I told him I had not got it and knew no more about it than he did. I have not a friend in London.


Various former convictions were, proved against the Prisoner.

Seven Years Penal Servitude.