Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 05 October 2022), July 1864, trial of CHARLOTTE WINTLAND (30) (t18640711-705).

CHARLOTTE WINTLAND, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 11th July 1864.

705. CHARLOTTE WINTLAND (30) , Feloniously marrying William Bailey Chatfield, her husband, John Wintland, being then alive.

MR. THOMPSON conducted the Prosecution, and MR. COLLINS the defence.

GEORGE BROWN . I live at Southsea, Portsmouth, and am a mariner—I know the prisoner—I was present on 7th May, 1850, at Kingston Church, Portsea, when she was married to John Wintland; I was a witness to it—I saw John Maitland five minutes ago.

Cross-examined. Q. What is Wintland? A. A mariner—I saw them after they were married—I was only home a month—I went to sea, and have not seen them since.

WILLIAM BAILEY CHATFIELD . I live at 8, York-terrace, Woolwich-road, Charlton, and am a boiler-smith—I was married to the prisoner at Sheerness at the parish church, somewhere about seven years ago.

Cross-examined. Q. Have you been married seven years? A. Yes, I lived with her some years before we were married—I knew by her own statement that she had been married—I lived with her first in 1856, two years before I married her—I did not see her former husband during that two years—she said she had not seen her husband for seven or eight years, and she pressed me to marry her—I never saw her husband till some time after we were married—we were living happily together up to the time that she was given into custody.

THOMAS MONK (Police-sergeant, R 1). On 21st June, I took the prisoner into custody upon the information of the first husband—I have the certificates here.

COURT Q. Did you learn anything from the first husband? A. He has been away to sea, a number of years—I did not learn from him how long.