Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 24 January 2022), July 1856, trial of GEORGE WOODLEY CHARLES SHARP (t18560707-704).

GEORGE WOODLEY, CHARLES SHARP, Theft > burglary, 7th July 1856.

704. GEORGE WOODLEY and CHARLES SHARP , burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling house of Charles Hoar, and stealing 4 spoons, 1 umbrella, and 1 flageolet, value 3l. 10s., his property: to which

SHARP— PLEADED GUILTY . Aged 20. Confined Fifteen Months.

CHARLES HOAR . I live at No. 18, Thornhill-square, Caledonian-road, Islington. It is my dwelling house—on the night of 6th July, I saw my house all closed up, and I went to bed at a quarter past 12 o'clock—I was the last person up—I was alarmed between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning, I looked out of the window, and saw two men creeping under the wall down the garden—I went down and unbolted the front door and called, "Police"—I went to the garden and saw two men jump over the wall of the adjoining garden, to get away into the Richmond-road—I found my back door wide open—it had been fastened by bolts, the night before—the front kitchen window was a little way open—it leads into the area—that window had been shut down the night before, but I did not examine the fastening—no person could get into that area from the street, there is an iron railing over it—I missed four spoons, a flageolet, and an umbrella; and on the grass plat in front I found a shoe which had not been there the night before—shortly afterwards, the two prisoners were brought back by the policeman—I cannot possibly tell how they could hate got into the house—the back door had been unbolted from the inside—it had been bolted the night before—if any person had been concealed in the house the night before, they might have opened the door—that is the only way it could have been done.

EMILY ELIZABETH HAYNES . I am nurse maid in the service of the last witness. I sleep in the second floor back room—on that night I heard a calling out that there was somebody in the house—I got up, went out of the house, and ran round to Richmond-road—I there saw Sharp jump off the stable, coming in a direction from the back garden; and I saw a man come out of the side gate belonging to Mr. Watney, the publican's stable—any one could get there from our garden by climbing the wall—the man I saw was the height of Woodley.

Q. Did you not tell the Magistrate that Woodley was the other man—you said in your deposition, "I saw Sharp come out, and directly afterwards the other prisoner came from the gate." A. No, I said, "I saw a man," I did not say it was the other prisoner—he was the same height—he ran to the Caledonian-road—the same way that Sharp did.

WILLIAM TAYLOR (policemcm, N 183). I was on duty in the Caledonian-road—I heard a cry of "Police," about half past 1 o'clock—I met the two prisoners coming together about 100 yards from the Duke of Richmond public house, in the Caledonian-road—they were about 300 yards from Mr. Watney's stable door—I stopped them, and one of them said, "Oh, policeman! you are wanted up here—here is an old woman knocked down and nearly murdered"—I took hold of each of the prisoners and said, "You come back with me"—they both wrested themselves from me, and I took them again.

Woodley. Q. Did I say anything about an old woman? A. One of you did—you were coming together from the Richmond-road—you might have been to the New Market.

ROBERT BARB (policeman, N 207). I heard a cry of "Stop, thief and found the last witness with the two prisoners—I found this flageolet is a garden adjoining the prosecutor's garden—they are low walls; a man could get from the prosecutor's garden to Mr. Watney'—I found some matches on Woodley corresponding with some matches which I found in the area.

Woodley's Defence. I was coming from New Smithfield Market, and making my way down Caledonian-road; I had stopped with a young man that I know, named Johnson, and had been talking with him three quarters of an hour; I never saw this prisoner till just before I got to the policeman; I had had a good deal to drink.

WILLIAM TAYLOR re-examined. He was not in liquor.

WOODLEY— GUILTY . Aged 27.— Confined Fifteen Months.