Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 26 March 2023), July 1850, trial of EDWARD SEXTON CAROLINE JONES MARY ANN HARRIS (t18500708-1340).

EDWARD SEXTON, CAROLINE JONES, MARY ANN HARRIS, Theft > simple larceny, 8th July 1850.

1340. EDWARD SEXTON, CAROLINE JONES , and MARY ANN HARRIS , stealing 1 mantle, value 18s. 6d.; the goods of James Colbourne; Harris having been before convicted.

JOHN WILLIAM THOMPSON . I am in the service of Mr. James Colbourne, of High-street, Kensington. On 3rd July, the prisoners came together to the shop, and asked for a bonnet—I took them to the show-room, where there was a box containing mantles, which Jones and Sexton stood close to—Harris was about a yard off—I turned to look for a bonnet, and heard a rustling of silk—I turned round, and missed a mantle from the box—the prisoners waited two or three minutes, and then walked out—I did not say anything to them, because I wanted to be certain about the number, and I thought my employer was the proper person; I told him before they left—I counted the mantles, and found one gone worth 18s. 6d.—I observed Sexton looked rather bulky—she had a shawl on.

Sexton. Q. Can you swear to the mantle? A. Yes; there is no mark on it—I know it by a tear which I had seen some days previously, and also by the make—it was at the top of the box.

HENRY FISK (policeman, T 98). On 3rd July, in consequence of what Mr. Colbourne said to me in High-street, Kensington, I spoke to the prisoners, and found the mantle on Sexton's shoulder, under her shawl—it was not put on properly—she said it was her own, she bought it in Petticoat-lane for 5s. 6d.—I took her to the station.

Sexton's Defence. It is my property; it was a wet day, and I put it under my shawl to keep it dry.

HENRY FISK re-examined. It was quite fine then; it had been wet.

GEORGE CURTIS (policeman, S 261). I produce a certificate—(read—Mary Ann Brown, Convicted Oct. 1849, of stealing two shawls and four mantles, confined six months)—I was present—Harris is the person.


JONES— GUILTY . Aged 18.

Confined Six Months.

HARRIS— GUILTY . Aged 18.— Confined Twelve Months.