Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 03 June 2023), July 1850, trial of EMMA CLARK (t18500708-1281).

EMMA CLARK, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 8th July 1850.

1281. EMMA CLARK was indicted for bigamy.

KESIAH NASH . I am a widow, and know the prisoner. I was present at her marriage to Mr. Clark, eight years ago, at Old Lambeth Church—I and my husband signed our names in the register—I have seen Clark here to-day.

Cross-examined by MR. CHARNOCK. Q. What is he? A. A bricklayer—they came frequently to my house, but always appeared very uncomfortable.

EDWARD POWELL . I produce the register of marriage at Old Lambeth Church—here is an entry on 19th October, 1842, of the marriage of Henry Joseph Clark and Emma Catherine Paton—I do not kaow either of the parties.

GEORGE PHILO . I produce the marriage-register of All Saints', Poplar—here is an entry of a marriage between Henry Dixon and Emma Smith, on 10th Feb., 1848—I can swear that the prisoner was married in my presence within the last three years, but I cannot say in what name.

Cross-examined. Q. How many marriages have you in a year? A. About 200.

DONALD BRING (policeman, M 120). On 17th June, I went to see the prisoner at her house—she was unwell—she said she had been married to Henry Page in the name of Emma Smith, at All Saints' Poplar, on 10th Feb.

1840, that the clerk and pew-opener were witnesses, and that Page was married in the name of Henry Dixon—I went to Poplar Church, and found the entry.

Cross-examined. Q. Where did this conversation take place? A. In her husband's house—he was present, and a nurse also—she was ill in bed—the Magistrate sent me to the surgeon, to see if she was in a fit state to attend the police-court, and if he said she was I was to go to her—he said she might be fit to attend, and I went—I did not put questions to her.