Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 08 December 2023), February 1850, trial of WILLIAM DAKIN EDWARD JEFFERS (t18500204-483).

WILLIAM DAKIN, EDWARD JEFFERS, Deception > fraud, 4th February 1850.

483. WILLIAM DAKIN and EDWARD JEFFERS , unlawfully obtaining money by false pretences.—2nd COUNT, for a conspiracy.

MARY HOBBS . I am the wife of Samuel Hobbs; we keep a baker's shop in Woolwich. On 3rd Jan., between five and six o'clock, a man came into the shop—I could not swear to him—he asked for two halfpenny rolls, and gave me a half-crown—I gave him 2s. 5d. change—I turned to come away from the counter, and he said I had not given him enough by sixpence—I said I knew I had, but rather than have any trouble or bother I would give him another sixpence—he said I had not, and if I would come behind the counter I should see that I had not—I looked, and there lay 1s. 6d. and some halfpence on the counter—I gave him another sixpence out of my pocket.

Cross-examined by MR. PAYNE. Q. Where is the counter? A. In the middle of the shop window—the door is about three-quarters of a yard from the counter.

WILLIAM GLADWIN (policeman, R 122.) On the afternoon of 3rd Jan. I was on duty near Mr. Hobbs's shop—I saw the prisoners together loitering about—I watched Dakin into Mr. Hobbs's shop—Jeffers stood outside—I saw Dakin lay a half-crown on the counter, and Mrs. Hobbs gave him two shillings and some coppers—she laid them on the counter—I then saw

Dakin take up one shilling and put it into his mouth, and put a sixpence down—there was some altercation respecting it—Mrs. Hobbs put her hand into her pocket, and gave him something out—he came out and joined Jeffers, and they went away—I saw them go into several other places; to Mr. Hammond's, the Star and Garter: to Miss Birch's; and to Mr. Oliver's shop at Charlton—I then took them to the station—Jeffers complained much of his throat, and we sent for the doctor, who took this 5s.-piece out of his throat—I saw it.

SAMUEL YATES . I live with Mr. Oliver, a grocer, at Charlton. On the evening of 3rd Jan. Jeffers came in and asked for change for a 5s.-piece—I did not see Dakin till the officer brought him into the shop.

THOMAS WHITEHEAD (policeman, R 258). I apprehended Dakin outside Mr. Oliver's—I took him into the shop, and after a scuffle that ensued in the shop he said, "All right?"—Jeffers said, "Yes," and he said, "We will go quietly."

EDWARD FEALY . I am barman at Mr. Hammond's, the Star and Garter. On 3rd Jan. the prisoners came to the bar and called for half-a-quartern of gin—I served them—Jeffers gave me a half-crown—I gave them two shillings and 4d. in copper—I then served somebody else—Jeffers said, "You have not given me right change," and there then laid on the counter, in place of the change I had given them, only one sixpence and the coppers—they declared that was all I had given them—I knew that I had given them right, but rather than have any disturbance with them I gave them 1s. 6d. more—they took it up and went out of the place.

Cross-examined. Q. Are you satisfied now that you gave them right change? A. Yes, so satisfied that I went to look for a policeman.

HARRIET HAMMOND . I am the wife of Leonard Hammond, a publican. On 3rd Jan. I saw the prisoners—Dakin gave me a half-crown in payment for half-a-quartern of gin—I gave him two shillings, and 4d. in halfpence—I turned my back for an instant, and Dakin said, "It was a half-crown I gave you"—I said, "I know it was, and I have given you 2s. 4d."—there was then only a sixpence and 4d. on the counter—he said that was all I had given him—Mr. Hammond was out—I was quite alone, and rather than have any dispute with them I took the sixpence and gave them two shillings.

DAKIN. Aged 23.

JEFFERS. Aged 26.

GUILTY of Conspiracy .— Confined Twelve Months

Before Mr. Common Serjeant.