Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 08 August 2022), August 1849, trial of WILLIAM DACEY (t18490820-1641).

WILLIAM DACEY, Breaking Peace > wounding, 20th August 1849.

1641. WILLIAM DACEY , feloniously stabbing, cutting, and wounding John Barrett on the left thigh, left groin, and left side; with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

MR. COOPER conducted the Prosecution.

JOHN BARRETT . I am a labourer, and live in the Match-walk, Shad well. On 22d July, between twelve and one o'clock at night, I was at the house of my cousin, Cokeley—while there my cousin's wife came in and made some statement—I went with Cokeley to the prisoner's door—I asked him to come out—he told me to go away—I put my hand and foot against the door—he again told me to go away—I went back from the door—some of the women came between me and the door, and the prisoner came out and drove a knife in me—I did not see him do it—my left side was towards him—I bad one wound in the thigh, one in the groin, and one in the ribs—a great deal of blood came from me—I was taken to the hospital, and was there four weeks and two days.

Cross-examined by MR. METCALFE. Q. Who went with you to this door? A. Cokeley and his wife, and another man—when I first went to the door the prisoner told me to go away—I went a little way from the door, and took my coat off—I went to the door again, and told him to come out, and I would push my hand in his guts—he was inside—I pushed against the door—I did not see the prisoner give me the wounds—I did not say I would not go away till I had his liver.

MARY COKELEY . I recollect on that night the prisoner called me an ill name—I went to my house, and my husband said he would go and ask him what he meant by it—he and Barrett and I went to the prisoner's door—he opened the door and came out, and his wife called out, "He has got a knife to stick the first man"—I did not see the knife, but I felt it graze against my hand—I did not see any one strike the prisoner.

JAMES MOLIN (policeman. K 99). I went to the place—I saw the prosecutor, the blood was running down from him—I said, "Who did it? "Mrs. Cokeley said it was Dacey—I asked where he was, and they said he was gone into the next house—I knocked at the next house—the prisoner was there—I said to him," What did you stab the man for?"—he said, "What does he come to my house and make a noise for? I would stab any man that does that"—I said, "Where is the knife?"—he put his hand into his pocket, pulled out this knife, and said, "Here is the knife I stabbed him with."

WILLIAM HENRY HOLMAN . I am house-surgeon at the London Hospital. On 22d July Barrett was brought in—I found one wound in his left thigh, another in his left groin, and a small one in his left side—the one in the groin was very deep and dangerous—I had a doubt whether it had entered the abdomen or not—he was in the hospital four weeks—a knife like this would have inflicted snch wounds as he had.

GUILTY . Aged 39.— Transported for Seven Years.