Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 26 March 2023), July 1847, trial of ELIZABETH WILLIAMS (t18470705-1701).

ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, Theft > simple larceny, 5th July 1847.

1701. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS was indicted for stealing 1 Shawl, value 5s., the goods of Ann Westlake; and that she had been before convicted of felony.

ANN WESTLAKE. I am single—I was lodging in Old Pye-street, West-minster. On the 24th of June the prisoner stopped there for one night—after

she went away I missed a shawl—this is it—I did not give her authority to pawn it—I did not know she was gone, till I got up—I met her afterwards in Lower Marsh, Lambeth—I asked her for the duplicate—she said she had not seen me or the shawl either—she hit me five or six times—I then called the police, and then she hit me again.

Prisoner. You gave it me pawn; I gave you 9d. out of the 1s. 6d., and the ticket; and you told me if I did not give it you back you would call a policeman; and you hit me, and screamed for a policeman. Witness. I deny it—I did not give it you to pawn.

FRANCIS COLLINS. I saw the prisoner leaving the house that morning—her frock was rather open behind, and I saw the shawl tied round her.

GEORGE SKINNER. I am a pawnbroker. I produce this shawl which was pawned by the prisoner on the 24th of June.

GEORGE WADMORE (police-constable L 105.) I produce a certificate of the prisoner's former conviction at Newington, by the name of Mary Ann Harding—(read—Convicted 6th of Feb., 1842, and confined twenty-one days solitary)—the prisoner is the person.

GUILTY.† Aged 19.— Transported for Seven Years.