Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 09 May 2021), October 1846, trial of JOHN HARMER (t18461026-2082).

JOHN HARMER, Violent Theft > robbery, 26th October 1846.

2082. JOHN HARMER was indicted for robbery (with another person) on Frederick White, putting him in fear, and stealing 1 watch, value 5l., his goods, and beating, striking, and using other personal violence to him, and that the prisoner had been before convicted of felony.

MR. BALDWIN conducted the Prosecution.

FREDERICK WHITE . I am a druggist, and live in Gloucester-terrace East, Commercial-road. On the 4th of Oct., between one and two o'clock at night, I was going home—I was sober—I had been drinking—I was knocked down by the prisoner and another person running violently against me, and jostling me—I put my hand to my waistcoat-pocket, to save my watch—it was immediately dragged from my neck by one of the parties—I got up and ran towards my own house, immediately returned, went across the road, and the prisoner, who is the person who took my watch, was secured—I did not lose sight of him till he was apprehended—the other escaped.

Cross-examined by MR. O'BRIEN. Q. Did both knock against you? A. Yes, one on each side—it was just at Gloucester-terrace, where 1 live, in the public street—there was a lamp just across the road—I did not lose sight of the prisoner—I was close to his heels—he turned down the street, and crossed the road—the constable stopped him while I was following him—if I lost sight of him it must have been the very instant that he was on the other side of the road—I certainly did not lose sight of him more than once—I was thrown on my back a moment.

MR. BALDWIN. Q. How far was he taken from where you were robbed? A. About 100 yards.

GEORGE SEAMAN (police-constable H 158.) On the 4th of Oct. I was on duty—White was two or three yards down Gloucester-terrace, calling, "Stop thief!"—I ran towards him, and saw the prisoner running in front of him—directly he saw me he cut right across the road, up Nelson-street—I followed him, and saw him stopped by Young—nothing was found on him.

Cross-examined. Q. How far were you from White when he called out? A. About 150 yards—I saw nobody running but him and the prisoner.

ROBERT YOUNG (police constable K 126.) On the morning of the 5th of Oct. I saw the prisoner running across the road—when I got within four yards of him I heard something thrown behind him—I stopped him, and then went to the spot and picked up this watch.

FREDERICK WHITE re-examined. This is my watch.

WILLIAM MARKWICK . I produce a certificate of the prisoner's former conviction—(read Convicted Aug., 1845, and confined six months)—I was present at the trial—he is the person.

GUILTY . Aged 23.— Transported for Ten Years.