Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 27 September 2022), November 1844, trial of JOHN KNOTT (t18441125-117).

JOHN KNOTT, Theft > embezzlement, 25th November 1844.

117. JOHN KNOTT was indicted for embezzlement.

THOMAS JOHN BROWNING . I am landlord of the Duke of Bridgewater public-house, in Macclesfield-street, City-road. The prisoner was in my service as potman—it was part of his business to carry out beer, and to receive money from the customers—when he received it, it was his duty to pay it to me or to the barman or barmaid—he might have paid it to either of us—Reuben Bishop and John Harley were customers of mine, and were

indebted to me—the prisoner has not accounted for any money he received from Bishop or from Harley—he absconded after receiving it—there ✗ a book found on him, but it was not his duty to keep any book, or ✗ make any entry—all he had to do was to receive the money and to p✗ it to me, or my barman or barmaid.

Prisoner. Q. When I took out the beer in the morning did I ev✗ book any thing to any customer? A. No, your place was to bring me the money, or to book the account—you had not to keep an account and to settle once a week.

COURT. Q. Are your barman or barmaid here? A. No—he does not deny not having paid me the money—he promised to settle with me is the morning as be went away at night.

Prisoner. I paid the first day for what I took out.