Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 26 September 2023), June 1840, trial of JAMES SMITH WILLIAM HUNT (t18400615-1628).

JAMES SMITH, WILLIAM HUNT, Theft > simple larceny, 15th June 1840.

1628. JAMES SMITH and WILLIAM HUNT were indicted for stealing, on the 23rd of May, 1 ham, value 21s.; 3 ┬Żlbs. of bacon, value, 12s.; and 1 tongue, value 12s.; the goods of Henry John Viscount Palmerston.

GEORGE BROOK (police-constable C67.) On Sunday morning, the 23rd of May, I was in Carlton-terrece, Pall Mall—4 heard footsteps in Lord Palmerston's area—I stopped, and saw the two prisoners there—Smith had the ham, and Hunt had the two pieces of bacon—I called out, and they dropped the articles—I sprung my rattle—two officers came up—we went into the area, and took Smith in a door-way, and Hunt in a dust-hole—I did not see that any bars had been wrenched—the lattice-work of the larder was broken, and the window slipped down sufficiently for a person to enter.

Hunt. You say you saw us with the things. Witness. Yes—you secreted the bacon under some hay when you ran dawn again.

CHARLES HUNT (police-constable C34.) I was called by the springing of the rattle—I went down the area, and found Smith in a passage—he was eating something—by the side of him was the tongue, and in his pocket a piece of fat—the other officer came down, and fetched Hunt out of the dust-hole—the larder had been broken open.

PETER DUETELI. I am cook in the family of Lord Henry John Viscount Palmerston; he is an Irish peer. His larder was all safe the night before this, and the lattice-work was safe—I saw it after the officer had taken the prisoner—it was then broken—I saw the ham and other things—I believe they were what I had left in the larder.

Hunt's Defence. I was going past with this man; we saw these things in the area; we got over and got them; then we saw the policeman, and put them down.



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