Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 30 November 2022), October 1833, trial of JOSEPH PEARCE GEORGE GORDON (t18331017-116).

JOSEPH PEARCE, GEORGE GORDON, Theft > simple larceny, 17th October 1833.

1522. JOSEPH PEARCE and GEORGE GORDON were indicted for stealing, on the 11th of October , 1 pair of spectacles, value 10s. , the goods of Matthew Gooch .

FRANCIS KEYS . I am an officer. On the 11th of October, I watched the two prisoners from Marylebone-street to St. James'; I saw them go into several shops, and at last Pearce went into Mr. Gooch's, in Curzon-street , and Gordon stood at the door; as soon as he came out, I saw them close together; I told Webster, who was with me, to watch them; and I went into the shop - I asked Mr. Gooch if he missed anything? he said he did not; I said, "Try your till," which he did, but it was locked - I then went on, and followed the prisoners into Jermyn-street - I then saw Pearce go into a baker's shop, and reach over the counter to feel for the till; he then went to the further end of the counter, and looked behind him - he then came out again - Webster had at that time taken Gordon, and called to me - Pearce then went in at the further door of the shop, and came out again, and I took him; he asked me what it was for; I said for being on the sneak.

PHILIP WEBSTER . I was with this officer, what he has stated is correct - I took Gordon, and found this pair of silver spectacles in his hand, which I had seen him draw from his pocket; I said, "How do you account for these spectacles?" he said, "They are my own;" I said, "I suspect you took them from the brush-maker's shop in Curzon-street" - we went there, and I said to the prosecutor, "Sir, do you now miss anything?" he said "No;" I then said, "Sir, do you wear spectacles?" he said,"Yes;" I said, "Where are your spectacles?" he looked for them, and they were gone - I showed him these, and he claimed them as his.

MATTHEW GOOCH. These are my spectacles; I think they must have been taken from my writing-desk.

PEARCE - GUILTY . Aged 17.

GORDON - GUILTY . Aged 17.

Transported for Seven Years .