Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 03 June 2023), May 1833, trial of JAMES JOHNSON (t18330516-100).

JAMES JOHNSON, Theft > simple larceny, 16th May 1833.

984. JAMES JOHNSON was indicted for stealing, on the 2nd of May , 1 cloak, value 20s. , the property of Henry Hensleigh .

WILLIAM GILES . I am servant to Mr. Samuel Marks . My master was ill, and on the 2nd of May, Dr. Henry Hensleigh stopped at my master's door, and left his cloak in the chaise, while he came in to visit my master - I took the cloak out of the chaise, and laid it over the horse's loins, as he was hot; there came a knock at my master's door, and I went in for a moment, but did not take my eye off the horse - I saw the cloak drawn off the horse; I went down the street, and saw the prisoner with the cloak which he was rolling up before him - I said it was mine; he said, he only took it for a lark - he was quite a stranger to me.

Cross-examined by MR. CLARKSON. Q. Did you never take your eye off the horse? A. No, I only went into the passage - the horse was apt to start; it was my master's horse and chaise which I took to fetch the doctor with.

WILLIAM FLYNN . I was going down Ormond-street, and saw the prisoner with the cloak; the witness took it from him; the prisoner then ran up the street, and I followed him - when he got to the top, a man came out of the square, I called to him to stop him, he dodged him till I got up - he said "For God's sake let me go."

JAMES MURDOCK (police-constable E 144). I took the prisoner, and have the cloak.

WILLIAM GILES . This is the cloak, I know it by this rose and thistle; I have had it in my possession several times when I have taken the doctor out.

Prisoner's Defence. I did not take it, I pursued the man who did take it, he dropped it, and I took it up and gave it to the witness.

Richard Oldfield of Britannia-street, and John Catholic of Gate-street, deposed to the prisoner's good character.

GUILTY .* Aged 18. - Transported for Seven Years .