Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 24 October 2021), November 1832, trial of ELIZABETH MILLS (t18321129-222).

ELIZABETH MILLS, Theft > simple larceny, 29th November 1832.

223. ELIZABETH MILLS was indicted for stealing, on the 19th of November , 1 horse-rug, value 6s. , the goods of Thomas Whitmore .

THOMAS WHITMORE . I live at Lower-street, Islington. This rug was in my cart at the Sluice-house ; the cart stood in an open shed; about four o'clock I drove home, and then missed the rug.

TIMOTHY DONOVAN . I am a Policeman. On the 19th of November, about eleven o'clock, I saw the prisoner in Aylesbury-street, in front of a public-house door - I stopped her about twelve o'clock at night, with this rug concealed about her - she said she bought it at a pawnbroker's in Aldersgate-street that evening, she could not tell me the name, nor point out the house; the prosecutor saw it next day at Hatton-garden; the marks are picked out, but the needle-holes are still there, which shows the prosecutor's initials.

JAMES ETHERIDGE . I keep a public-house in Aylesbury-street. On Monday evening, the 19th of November, a little girl and three loose characters came in; the girl said, "Let me leave this for Mrs. Mills;" I put it behind the counter; and late in the evening the prisoner came in and went out, while I was engaged; I did not see it in her possession; I have employed her at times, and would do so again.

WILLIAM MASON . I am a Policeman. I saw a young man, whom I knew very well, standing with the prisoner, and two others stood at a distance - I saw them go to the White Hart public-house, which Etheridge keeps; and just before twelve o'clock, the prisoner came up to the public-house door - the young men were in the house - they came out, crossed over, and stood there; the prisoner watched the Policeman round his beat, and when he was out of sight, she went in, and brought out the rug - I was concealed; I followed, and they were all taken; the others were discharged.

Prisoner's Defence. I go out charing - I was returning, and called to know if Eldridge wanted me, as I worked for him, but he was engaged; I came out, and three young men said, "Mrs. Mills, will you go in and fetch a bundle for us?" I went in, and before I could get to them the Policeman took me.

GUILTY. Aged 27.

Recommended to Mercy . - Confined Fourteen Days .