Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 24 October 2021), November 1832, trial of MARGARET LACY (t18321129-220).

MARGARET LACY, Theft > simple larceny, 29th November 1832.

221. MARGARET LACY was indicted for stealing,on the 25th of November , 2 blankets, value 3s.; 1 sheet value 1s.; 1 curtain, value 6d.; 1 frock, value 1s.; 2 petticoats, value 1s., and 1 net cap, value 6d., the goods of Phillip Arnuss - 1 gown, value 2s., and 1 pocket-book, value 6d., the goods of Alice Hurley .

ALICE HURLEY . On the 25th of November I lived at No. 1, Malborough-street - I am servant to Philip Arnuss , who keeps a public-house ; the prisoner had been a servant there about seven years ago; I had lived there a fortnight; on the 25th of November, at half-past four in the evening, I made the bed in the club-room, and left the child's clothes on the bed, and the curtains were on the bed - I found the club-room door open at a quarter to seven o'clock, and found her concealed behind the door; I asked what brought her there; she said, she was a poor woman; I detained her, and called my master - I went into the bed-room, and found all the clothes off the bed; I was the only servant - nobody but her could have gone to the bed-room - the club-room is on the first floor - the articles in the indictment were gone off the bed - it was a turn-up bed which stood in the club-room.

PHILIP ARNUSS . I keep the house. The prisoner lived with me about seven years ago - Hurley called me up - I found the prisoner in the club-room - I said, "You wretch, have you come back again!" she fell on her knees, begged pardon, and said she would never come to my house any more - I sent for a Policeman - the bed was completely stripped of all the things; she had her shoes off; she has been committed twice for robbing me before - I found all these things removed from the bed, ready to be taken away - she begged me not to prosecute her.

HENRY HARRIS . I am a Policeman. I received her in charge - the things were all laying at her feet in the club-room.

Prisoner. I had not broken my fast for three days - poverty drove me to it.

GUILTY .* Aged 27. - Transported for Seven Years .