Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 24 January 2022), February 1831, trial of THOMAS CHAD MARY ANN ALEXANDER (t18310217-17).

THOMAS CHAD, MARY ANN ALEXANDER, Theft > theft from a specified place, Theft > receiving, 17th February 1831.

Third Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Sergeant Arabin.

442. THOMAS CHAD was indicted for stealing, on the 25th of December , at St. James, Westminster, 2 coats, value 4l.; 1 flageolet, value 15s.; 1 watch, value 50s.; 2 waistcoats, value 1l.; 1 shirt, value 10s.; 1 ring, value 12s.; 1 snuff-box, value 6d., and 1 chain, value 6d., the goods of John Boyd , in his dwelling-house ; and MARY ANN ALEXANDER was indicted for feloniously receiving, on the same day, at the same parish, the aforesaid goods, well knowing them to be stolen ; against the Statute, &c.

JOHN BOYD. I keep the Grapes public-house, in the Haymarket; it is my dwelling-house, and is in the parish of St. James, Westminster - I have known the two prisoners about six months: they have been in the habit of frequenting my house - they were at my house on Christmas-eve; I saw them about nine o'clock in the evening, which was before I missed this property - I missed this property at half-past one o'clock in the morning; the prisoners were then gone - I went up stairs to a cupboard on the second floor, for a coat, and found it broken open; I had been there at half-past nine o'clock - it was then secure, and I locked the cupboard; I cannot say at what time the prisoners went away - I missed from the cupboard two coats, a flageolet, a watch, two waistcoats, and the other articles stated; they cost me altogether 20l. - they might be worth 10l.

Cross-examined by MR. PHILLIPS. Q. Have you not been rather unfortunate in that house? A. Yes; I cannot say how many robbers have been taken out of that house; I do not know of any - no one was ever taken in that house to my knowledge; I have heard of two persons who frequented the house being taken up, but not in the house - the officers have been there, but the house has not been searched, to my knowledge; the officers have been there to look after property - it is not a house in which gambling has been carried on at all hours.

JOHN WHARTON . I am a pawnbroker, and live at No. 1, Gloucester-terrace, Vauxhall-bridge-road. I have a coat, a shirt, and a ring; the shirt was pawned by the female prisoner, but I cannot say who pawned the coat and ring; the shirt was pawned on the 30th of December, in the name of Ann Alexander, and the coat by a man on the 28th of December.

Cross-examined. Q. The woman gave you her name? A. Yes; I had known her before - she had been in the habit of coming there.

WILLIAM HENRY LLOYD . I am a pawnbroker, and live at No. 18, Strutton-ground. I have a waistcoat, pawned for 3s., by a woman who gave her name as Ann Gardner, and said she brought it for Ann Alexander .

Cross-examined. Q. It was not this prisoner? A. No.

JAMES MARNHAM . I am a hay-salesman and farmer. I have known Chad for some time; I was in company with him on the 8th of January - he showed me two duplicates, one of a black coat and one of a waistcoat, one in the name of Lloyd, and the other in the name of Page: he showed them to me at Kneesdon, in the parish of Wilsden; he wanted me to purchase them, but I did not- I did not inspect them much, but I saw the names on them; one was similar to this of the coat for 1l. 5s., and one was similar to this for the waistcoat.

Cross-examined. Q. Did you tell any body what the name on the duplicate was, till you saw these? A. No; I described them when I saw them.

HENRY WILLIAM MORRISON . I went to a house, and searched it - I found this chain there, but I did not know from the prisoners that it was their residence.

WILLIAM DRANE . I am a Police-constable. I searched a room at No. 3, Coburg-row - I found this snuff-box there; the two prisoners and another woman were in the room - the snuff-box was in a drawer; I charged the prisoners with the robbery, and took them to the station-house, and from there to the Magistrate.

Cross-examined. Q. They were in the room when you got there, but you do not know whether it was their room? A. No.

JOHN BOYD. These articles are my property and are a part of what I lost.

Cross-examined. Q. Is there any thing particular about this chain? A. Here is a link or two broken, but it is a common chain - the articles were taken between half-past nine and half-past one o'clock, but I cannot say the chain and snuff-box were there then - I had not seen them that day to my knowledge; the clothes were there - there are a great many people at my house sometimes.

Chad's Defence. I am innocent; I know nothing at all about it.

CHAD - GUILTY - DEATH . Aged 20.